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Create custom inplay alerts for stats including goals, corners, cards, shots & more - notifications via Telegram

How does it work?


Create your Inplay Alert

Set your Game Time and create rules from a wide range of in-play stats such as goals, shots, corners and cards.


Get Notified

Our systems are constantly monitoring inplay matches from 800+ leagues, once your alert triggers you’ll receive a notification via Telegram or Email.


Place your bet

Use your alerts to help you make informed betting decisions, backed up by real data.

1st Half Asian Corners
Counter: 114
Strike Rate: ?
Game time between 32 - 34 minutes
1st Half Asian Corners (Over) more than 1.8
Corners less than 2
Busy Second Half
Counter: 34
Strike Rate: ?
Game time between 45 - 80 minutes
Shots on target more than 15
Corners more than 12
First Half Goal Likely
Counter: 265
Strike Rate: ?
Game time between 30 - 36 minutes
Goals equal to 0
Corners more than 7
Early Goal
Counter: 23
Strike Rate: ?
Game time between 0 - 6 minutes
Goals equal to 1
Example alerts you can create
halftime/fulltime stats

HT/FT Stats

Let your strategy run, once the game is complete you can check the HT/FT stats to see if your strategy would have been successful.

halftime/fulltime stats

Bet365 Odds

Bet365 odds as alert criteria, if selected you will only receive alerts when the market is available and the odds reach your specified value.

halftime/fulltime stats

800+ Leagues

Our alerting service covers over 800 leagues world wide, meaning we cover most matches that appear on Bet365 and other bookmakers.

halftime/fulltime stats

Alert History

We save every alert with the stats 'at time of alert', 'halftime' and 'fulltime', a really useful feature when reviewing your strategies

halftime/fulltime stats

Strike Rate

Everytime your alert triggers you can record a strike against it, meaning you can tell if your strategies are working.

halftime/fulltime stats

Telegram Notifications

We've integrated with Telegram for instant notifications in your pocket, email alerts are also available.

halftime/fulltime stats

League Filters

Define the exact leagues you want your alerts to apply to.

We're always improving...

We are always improving and adding new features inline with our users needs, if you have any request or feedback get in touch.

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What is Inplay Alerts?

Inplay Alerts is a tool to help you bet during live football matches. Users are able to create custom alerts for live stats such as corners, cards, goals, shots and more. The tool has been built to help bettors create and track inplay betting strategies.

How do I receive alerts?

There are two options for receiving alerts, email notifications and Telegram messages. Telegram is the fastest way to receive inplay alerts, and is super easy to setup within your dashboard.

How much does it cost?

£4.99 per month. You can cancel at anytime. This includes 5 x alerts, unlimited notifications and coverage from 800+ leagues.

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