Getting Started

Welcome to Inplay Alerts!

To help get you started, we’ve put together a few resources to help you learn how to set-up and use Inplay Alerts.

Setting up your account

  • Sign-up for an account here:
  • Verify your account, once registered, you will need to verify your email address by clicking the link in the email we send you
  • Once you’ve verified you can look around the dashboard and setup Telegram, but you can’t make any alerts active without an active subscription


  • In order to use Inplay Alerts to its full potential, you’ll need an active subscription
  • Subscription costs £4.99 per month
  • Payments are taken by credit/debit card via Stripe
  • You can cancel at anytime, your service will remain available until the end of the billing cycle

Setting up Telegram

  • We use Telegram Messaging App to send users notifications (email also available)
  • You can setup the Telegram bot in ‘Settings’ in your account
  • Click the ‘Start Chat' button to start a chat with inPlayAlertsBot
  • Telegram app will open and you’ll need to press ‘Start’
  • Once the chat has been started, go back to your account settings and click 'Check Verification'

Creating an alert

  1. Alert name - Name your alert something informative, this is the text you’ll see on your notifications.
  2. Game Time - Next select the game time you want your alert to run, by default 0-90 minutes is selected but you can tailor this to any time period during the game. For example; 0-45 minutes for the first half or 80-90 minutes for the last 10 minutes in the game.
  3. Rules - After deciding the name and time period for your alert you’ll need to define rules which consist of three options; Stat, Criteria and Value. Each alert can have multiple rules.
    • Stat - Select the stat you wish to track in the rule, for example ‘Corners’ or ‘Pre-match odds’.
    • Criteria - After selecting your Stat you need to select from the following Criteria; Equal to, More than or less than.
    • Value - Lastly you’ll need to select the value for the rule. This number then completes the rule.
  4. Filtering - So you don’t get bombarded with hundreds of notifications for leagues you don’t necessarily want to bet on, we’ve added ‘League Filters’ where you can select specific leagues you want to be alerted for. By default all 900+ leagues are selected.

Alert History & Strike Rate

If you need to see a history of your alerts, you can. Simply ‘View’ your alert and the history of fixtures will show, with stats at time of alert, half-time and full-time. You can also use this history to check wether your betting strategy would have been successful, you can mark successful fixtures with a checkbox to calculate an overall Strike Rate.